I know.. not really a fashion post but I'll show you my favorite outfit while I was out there! I do believe it was on sale at Forever 21. This might be a long post but mainly pictures so.. fun! lol So I'll start out with some of the pictures I took with my photography skills.

This is when things started to get insane and I really wanted to get pictures of the Black Sand beach but unfortunately it was pouring rain. I made the decision to take my DSLR out there and sacrifice my shirt to cover my baby. The pictures came out stunning but the last pic will be a selfie of a proud mother who protected her DSLR from the rain.


The next photos will be of my small photoshoot I did by the hotel pool. I wanted to show off this cute bodysuit I got from Forever 21 before I left. 

Okay I know these aren't the outfit... I did say photoshoot didn't I? lol

Okay thank you so much for checking this out! If you want to see even more of me I have a vlog about it on youtube you can click my Youtube link in my about me on this site or you can check out my brothers vlogs! I'll link his Youtube below!


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